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[Special Offer] Flux Academy – Core Design Skills

  • Product Name Core Design Skills
  • Author : Flux Academy
  • Language : English
  • Type : Internet Marketing, Ecom Marketing
  • Price : $495
  • Size :
  • Homepage : Salespage

Features of Core Design Skills

What You Get:

  1. Better Design Means Better Pay
  2. From average designs at low rates to beautiful, professional designs that are worth a premium
  3. Is this you?
  4. You know you could find more & better clients if you could just produce better designs.
  5. You know a good design when you see it, but find it hard to create one yourself.
  6. Your Instagram & Dribbble feeds inspire you to create amazing work, but you feel you don’t know how.
  7. You’re not very proud of your current portfolio.
  8. You’re sick of just watching tutorials and not making any progress.
  9. Then let me introduce you to core design skills.
  10. You won’t recognize your work after this course
  11. Complete a small design project at the beginning of the course. Redesign it at the end.
  12. Be amazed by how much you’ve grown as a designer.
  13. What you’ll learn
  14. How To Create Unique Layouts
  15. How to pick colors that create emotion
  16. How to Use Type to create impact
  17. How to make your images stand out
  18. How to put it all together creatively
  19. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:
  20. Create standout, professional-grade designs
  21. Pinpoint what’s wrong with a design and how to fix it
  22. Unlock your creativity and open design possibilities
  23. Confidently start projects from a blank canvas
  24. Go from creative brief to beautiful, original designs

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