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[Special Offer] Ryan Kulp – The 24 Hours MVP

  • Product Name The 24 Hours MVP
  • Author : Ryan Kulp
  • Language : English
  • Type : Internet Marketing, Ecom Marketing
  • Price : $129
  • Size :
  • Homepage : Salespage

Features of The 24 Hours MVP

What You Get:

  1. Stop making excuses – learn to build v1 of your SaaS app in a day.
  2. Learn to bang out a SaaS prototype in 24 hours, from someone who’s done it many times.
  3. There are no “secrets to building quickly.”
  4. Here’s my exact process to building anything in a day:
  5. Wireframe – remove surprises and scope creep
  6. Data modeling – prevent technical debt
  7. Frontend – use a proven design system
  8. Backend – write the minimum code to accomplish each feature
  9. Whenever I start a new project, this sequence ensures I waste as little time as possible on my hunt for The Truth.
  10. What’s “The Truth?” Finding out if people care about what you built, or not.
  11. What we’ll build in 24 Hour MVP
  12. Powerpoint presentations and theoretical lectures are for losers. At Founder/Hacker we learn by doing.
  13. In this course we’ll build three Rails apps with varying complexity. We’ll start with the simplest commands — running “rails new” — and by the end you’ll be installing gems, integrating APIs, deploying to your own dot-com domains with working Stripe subscription payments, and even building admin panel with user impersonation and fancy charts.
  14. Each app will explore the core steps I described above (Wireframe, Data modeling, Frontend, Backend) with increasing level of detail. And by popular request, code will be available in “freeze time” at the end of every lecture, so you never miss a beat.

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