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[Special Offer] John Bejakovic – Copy Riddles

  • Product Name Copy Riddles
  • Author : John Bejakovic
  • Language : English
  • Type : Internet Marketing, Ecom Marketing
  • Price : $800
  • Size :
  • Homepage : Salespage

Features of Copy Riddles

What You Get:

  1. A secret (and slightly sneaky) copywriting trick for producing magic mechanisms
  2. My name is John Bejakovic. I’m a copywriter. I’ve been at it for the past 6 years.
  3. My clients have included many 7-figure and several 8-figure businesses — among them supplement companies, real estate investment gurus, and direct response ecommerce brands.
  4. I also write an email newsletter, which has been called the “most underrrated email list in copywriting.” Many of the most successful direct marketers and copywriters working right now (including some of the A-listers mentioned above) are signed up to get my emails every day.
  5. I tracked down dozens of bullet-packed, million-dollar sales letters. Then, I started digging around on eBay, used book sites, and online repositories to find the books they were selling. And finally, I went bullet by bullet, comparing what the sales letters said to what was in the books.
  6. The result was the best copywriting education I could have ever wished for. I discovered copywriting secrets I hadn’t discovered anywhere else, in spite of the tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours I had spent previously on sharpening my copy chops.
  7. Since I don’t hold back much from the people on my email list, I shared many of the secrets I found with them.
  8. And a few of my subscribers literally begged me to create a bigger course based on the stuff I was sharing.
  9. So I did. I called it Copy Riddles.

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