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School of Squirt – Squirting Triggers 2.0


  • Context setting: The course is clearly structured with an interview first with the girl to learn about her and then the demonstration with her. This gives you a context for the girl’s background, experience and her attitude toward squirting before you go through the demonstration. All girls are different, so this will help you to calibrate to girls in real life.
  • Repetition: There are 10 separate demonstration videos with different girls, scenarios and situations covered. There is a fair amount of overlap in each of these, so you will learn by repetition.
  • Clear demonstration: Marcus London shows and explains the techniques outside and inside the vagina many times. There are diagrams showing the technique which are visually useful and a lot of advice on where to aim for, where you should be pressing and so on so you can’t get confused. In addition to seeing Marcus use the techniques you also see him teaching Kelly Surfer how to do it in one video, which has more instructional value as you watch her go part way through the learning process.

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